Practice tests and papers for both AQE and GL Transfer Test.


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Preparation for the Transfer Test

AQE & GL (MATHS) Transfer Test Practice Papers Fully Revised For 2022 Tests

What is


The Northern Ireland Transfer Test is held in the first term of a child's primary year 7 and there is only a very short period between starting year 7 in September and actually doing the tests.

The two examination bodies are The Association of Quality Education (AQE) and The Post Primary Transfer Consortium (PPTC or GL). 


The Transfer Test is used to select pupils for Grammar Schools. The content of the tests is based on English and Mathematics as taught in all primary schools. (These tests are similar to the grammar school selection tests - the eleven plus exam – which is held in England.)


This test is not set by the government and the above two examination bodies now run the test. (This has replaced the government organised Eleven Plus Exam.) These tests are known by a variety of different names. The AQE Transfer Tests are often called the "Common Entrance Assessments (CEA)" while the PPTC tests are often referred to as the "GL Assessments."

The Transfer Test is an important exam and requires practice and preparation. We offer help, advice and hints on preparation across this site.

The Association of Quality Education (AQE) set an exam which consists of 3 standard format papers which contain composite tests based on English and Mathematics questions. Pupils do not have to sit all three papers.


The GL Assessments Transfer Test consists of separate English and maths papers and the questions are in multiple-choice format.

When setting the Transfer Test questions both examining bodies take account of the learning programme and attainment targets of the Key Stage 2 Curriculum for English and Mathematics. The questions will test the skills, aptitude and knowledge that all pupils will be developing at this Key Stage. The standard of the questions will be quite demanding for most pupils.