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AQE Transfer Test 1 PDF download

Free Response Composite Transfer Test 1


Composite Transfer Test No 1 - PDF Download for immediate use.

  • 58 questions based suitable practice for SEAG Transfer Test.
  • Improve your child’s skills with immediate access to suitable practice material.
  • Encourage your child to practice a variety of English/maths type Transfer Test questions.
  • Review the results with your child to highlight areas of success and areas requiring a little more work.
  • Help your child to study and select information central to the Transfer Test.


  • From our AQE back list but suitable practice for SEAG test content.



  • 1 complete composite test with both English and maths questions that provides practice in the English/maths content of the SEAG Transfer Test. From our AQE back list, ths practice test is in standard format - free-response, and provides additional practice in the English nd maths content of the SEAG Transfer Tests.


    When you need additional practice or extra revision in a hurry you can download this PDF file for immediate use. Immediate access allows for parents to offer additional preparation at very short notice.


    This is Test 1 of 3 composite tests of 58 questions each test is based on the requirements of the Northern Ireland Curriculum. This makes the test suitable practice for the SEAG Transfer Test as the actual test is constructed around the content of the Northern Ireland Curriculum.


    This test makes use of a wide variety of mathematical and English questions.

    The English content in test number 1 has a selection of English questions that are asked about poems, a diary extract and your child will also be required to read instructions. There will be demands on your child's English language. In particular their knowledge of sentence structure and grammar. How good is their understanding and use of speech marks, plurals, adjectives, similes, spelling and verbs?


    To answer these English based questions will often demand that your child has read widely and been made aware of a range of language that they will be presented with in the actual exam. Vocabulary and language are improved when your child reads widely using a wide assortment of texts.


    The maths practice content in test number 1 has maths questions again based on the Northern Ireland Curriculum and we have included a range of questions on shape & space. There are other revision questions covering area and length, volume, weight, money and number facts. The Northern Ireland Curriculum is quite extensive so we have added other questions about time, percentages, fractions and data handling. Your child must be able to apply their mathematical knowledge to problem solving and to work quickly and accurately.


    In the Transfer Test situation your child needs quick and accurate recall of their number facts. To answer the maths questions quickly your child needs to have been taught, revised and have practiced his/her number facts often to be able to recall them quickly.


    All of the Northern Ireland Curriculum topics should and will have been part of the teaching and learning at their school. Additional reinforcement and revision will always be of benefit as preparation for this transfer test.


    Additional preparation

    Confidence in all aspects of English and mathematics are crucial to aid your child in preparing for this important exam. Working through our English and mathematics books will improve a child's ability in both subjects.


    NB This product is a PDF download. Once your order is confirmed you will be sent a secure link allowing you to download and print the test. Downloaded products are not eligible for refund or return.

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