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Transfer Test Papers


Children studying for the AQE and GL Transfer Test

Who we are and what we do

In my role as a headteacher I have had many discussions and interviews with parents about the Transfer Test and it became obvious to me that many parents found the grammar school selection process a very complex procedure with so much information to be consumed and understood – this was especially true if it was their first child going through the process.


With this in mind, with my wife Janet, we founded to offer parents, who are interested in their child’s education, suitable practice material for the challenging Transfer Tests and also to try and provide relevant information about this important exam. ​

We want to inform parents about the whole Transfer Test journey and so we offer advice and information on our website. If we don’t provide the information directly, we will try to point you in the right direction!

Based in Belfast we provide practice and revision material for the new SEAG Single Entrance Transfer Test - practice tests that reflect the actual Transfer Test.


We also provide practice and revision books for P6/7 children in both Maths and English – learning material that is centred on the Northern Ireland Curriculum. It is this curriculum that the questions in the new Transfer Tests are based.

All of our titles, which have been written by experienced P6 and P7 teachers, are available for you to purchase as printed books or to download as PDF files for immediate use. Our titles are highly regarded as a well-recognised method to raise standards and encourage learning - something that every parent wants for their child.

We want to support local suppliers and so all our titles are printed locally.

As part of the larger Learning Together 11+ Publishers Ltd group we have over 20 years’ experience in preparing materials for the 11+ market – now known as the Northern Ireland Transfer Test.

Both Janet and I do hope that you will find everything you want and need on our site and if you would like to see something included that we have omitted please contact us via this contact page.


Best wishes,


Stephen & Janet

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