General Transfer Test Advice For Parents

These pages contain general help and advice and they may help you to help your child.

New Transfer Test
Dates for January 2021

The Transfer Test is organised by AQE & GL. Information about the new dates in January 2021.

Transfer Test Apps 
Our Choice

We review our choice of the very best Transfer Test Apps available and we tell you why....

Transfer Test spellings list

The Transfer Test requires your child to have good language skills and a wide vocabulary. They must be able to spell quickly and correctly...

Good Grades
What is the difference between AQE & GL Test

The question content is similar between both companies but how the questions are presented can...

Transfer Test
General Information

The Transfer Test is organised by AQE & GL. Information about the tests and how they are...

professional developmnet training sessio
2020 Open Nights at Grammar Schools

Before the Transfer Test results are issued you will have the opportunity to visit schools...

Transfer Test Exam Day - Top tips to stay calm

Sitting the Transfer Test, like any exam is very stressful, both for the child and the parent Read these tips...

Why scores dip over the summer

Why have scores for the Transfer Test dropped when we practice over the summer holidays?

Free Transfer Test
Short Worksheets

FREE - a range of short-sharp practice worksheets form

Girls in School Uniform
Schools intake information
for September 2019

What were the highest and lowest Transfer Test scores used by Grammar Schools in Sept 2019...

Transfer Test Preparation

Preparing for the Transfer Test is stressful on both parents and child - you want them to do well but at the same time...

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Learning Together (parent company of wish CIYMS minis and their coaches a very successful and enjoyable season...

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