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What schools did not use
Transfer Test in 2021- 22 ?

Grammar schools not using the Transfer Test for September 2022

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What schools have decided not to use the Transfer Test (ie academic selection) as an admission criteria for entrance to their school in September 2022 ?

Below is a list of these schools and it includes schools that traditionally used the AQE Transfer Test and schools that used the GL Transfer Test.


Grammar School admission criteria for September 2022 have changed and you can read the criteria for each school here.

Abbey Christian Brothers' Grammar School, Newry (GL)
Christian Brothers Grammar School, Omagh (GL)
Lagan College, Belfast (AQE & GL)
Mount Lourdes Grammar, Enniskillen (GL)
Our Lady's Grammar School, Newry (GL)
Sacred Heart Grammar School, Newry (GL)
St. Colman's College, Newry (GL)
St. Columb's College, Derry (GL)
St. Louis Grammar School, Kilkeel (GL)
St. Mary's Christian Brothers Grammar School, Belfast (GL)
St. Michael's College, Enniskillen (GL)
Thornhill College, Derry (GL)

Each school will have altered their admissions criteria for 2022.

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