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SEAG Transfer Test from November 2023.

Our site provides SEAG format Single Entrance practice Test practice papers replicating the samples provided by the SEAG examining body and formatted as described below. These practice tests provide quality content and practice in very important exam technique. We also supply supplementary practice in English and maths.

  • The tests are still based on the Key Stage 2 curriculum in both English and maths. You can expect the question difficulty to be quite demanding. 

  • IMPORTANT:- The new tests will have a section containing 22 multiple-choice English questions followed by 6 free-response English questions. The second section for maths follows the same format with 22 multiple-choice maths questions followed by 6 free-response maths questions and your child will mark their answers or write their answers on a separate answer sheet.

  • For parents who have older children who took the AQE Transfer Test format this way of answering questions is very different and requires practice in exam technique. Parents who are familiar with the GL Transfer Test format will be accustomed to their child answering multiple-choice questions but, for them, the free-response questions will be a new dimension to the Transfer Tests and this also requires practice in exam technique.

Revision of content in both English and maths is essential for success in this new test. We supply supplementary preparation material in both English and maths. You can view samples and read how these titles will help your child on our samples page.

View the samples and then use this site for all your SEAG Transfer Test needs.

Our bundles offer exceptional value.
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