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SEAG Transfer Test practice 5 book bundle

SEAG Transfer Test 5-Book Bundle



This bundle contains all the English and maths preparation needed for the SEAG Transfer Tests: -


This bundle contains :-


  • SEAG Transfer Test practice tests in a 100-page book containing 4 tests that replicate the SEAG sample test.
    (ISBN-13:  978-1-873385-61-6)
  • Mathematics Revision for The SEAG Tests - 10 tests with answers. (Or the 11+ in England)
    (ISBN-13: 978-1-873385-13-5)
  • English Revision for The SEAG Tests - 10 tests with answers. (Or the 11+ in England)
    (ISBN-13: 978-1-873385-14-2)


  • SEAG (GL) Transfer Test Maths Test Papers - 3 tests with answers in multiple-choice format.  
    (ISBN-13 978-1873385-40-1)
  • Additional Free-Response Practice Papers - 3 tests with answers to revise the content of the  new SEAG test.
    (ISBN-13 978-1873385-395)


*Save over 20% on the retail price with this bundle*


  • This 5-book bundle contains everything you will need to help prepare your child for the SEAG Entrance Transfer Test. The new tests are based on the English and maths taught to your child in P6/7 and indeed in their earlier primary school years as well.


    The English and maths books both contain 10 tests, with answers, covering aspects of English and maths tested in the new SEAG Transfer Test. Comprehensive glossaries are included with both books.


    You and your child can use the English and maths preparation books at home to improve skills in these two core subjects. Your child can then proceed to using and practicing with the other practice books.


    The SEAG practice tests are in a format that is similar to the actual tests and so these will give your child experience of a test situation using replica practice papers.


    The Transfer Test practice papers in mathematics are in multiple-choice format.  This book offers revision of content and practice in using a multiple-choice answer sheet. Practice in answering multiple-choice questions is essential and this maths book, from our GL back list, offers ideal practice.


    The composite Transfer Test practice papers in English and mathematics are in standard format.  These booklets provide additional revision of content in both subjects and is in free-response format.  Practice in answering free-response questions is essential and these composite  format booklets, from our AQE back list, offer ideal practice.


    This 5-book bundle is an ideal resource for any parent preparing their child for the new SEAG Entrance Transfer Test. Using these practice books and tests will help improve standards for every child.


    *Save almost 20% on the retail price with this bundle*

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