English Revision & Practice for The Transfer Tests

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ISBN-13: 978-1-873385-14-2

ISBN-10: 1873385145


AQE Transfer Test & GL Transfer Test in English both require your child to have a sound grasp of English and this book containing ten English tests, provides comprehensive English revision work and question preparation for both versions of the Transfer Test.

Your child must have a good grasp and knowledge of all aspects of English - revision and preparation are essential to aid any child in preparing for this important exam.


Content of this title

This pack contains 10 tests of 50 questions each based on the requirements of the Curriculum at Key Stage 2 and covering aspects of English such as punctuation, prefixes and spelling.

This is a very comprehensive publication making use of a wide variety of texts including adverts, poems and stories. These are the sorts of texts that your son or daughter will be tested on. This pack gives your child a good introduction to the demands of written tests which they can practice in the security and comfort of their own home. No time limit is given and this allows parents to encourage their child to work through the tests, at the child's own pace, and so is a useful revision tool.

Detachable answers and a glossary explaining and defining the various parts of English grammar are included.


What is required in the Transfer Test?

Your child will be required to work quickly through the Transfer Tests answering English questions covering a wide variety of English topics. There will almost certainly be comprehension questions set around either a short English passage or possibly quite a long passage. English revision and proper preparation are very important to give your child confidence in their own ability.

The passage could be factual or fiction based. Your child could also be asked comprehension questions about a poem or indeed any form of text. The questions could be specific to the text or indeed may challenge any aspect of English such as the use of commas, capital letters, direct speech or nouns to name but a few.



Your child will need a good vocabulary as, regardless of the text used, the questions will be demanding and the vocabulary used will be challenging. Does your child understand what nouns, verbs or adjectives are and can they spot these in a sentence or longer piece of text?

Knowledge of all these parts of English will help prepare a child for the demands of the transfer test taken in the autumn term of each school year. English tests form a large part of both the AQE and GL(PPTC) versions of the Transfer Test.


Parental involvement

As with all Transfer Test preparation we encourage parents to explain the answers to their child and to work alongside their child offering support and encouragement. Parental support is central to a child's success in their schoolwork. Preparing for the Transfer Tests is no different.

English Preparation – Ideal for both AQE & GL Tests

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  • At a glance

    • Suitable revision for both AQE Transfer Test and GL Assessments.
    • 10 English tests each with 50 questions. (Detachable answers and glossary included.)
    • Comprehensive English revision for The Transfer Test.
    • Improve your child's English grammar and comprehension.
    • Allows children to practice a variety of English questions.
    • Ideal work for year 6 or 7 pupils.
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