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Grammar School

Open Nights

2020 Open Nights at Grammar Schools and other Post Primary Schools

Parents at Tranfers Test meeting

Even before the Transfer Test results are issued you will be offered the opportunity of visiting a grammar school or other Post primary school during their open day or open night. This is an important step in choosing a school for the next stage of your child’s education.

Attending potential schools during these open nights will give you and your child a flavour of what that school can offer your child. It can be useful to talk to current pupils at the school and often it is senior pupils from the school who will show you around.

These viewings take place early in 2020 and it is important that you don’t miss the date. Your child’s primary school will almost certainly keep you informed of the dates and these dates are often advertised in the local press.

This is a list of all known Open Nights:

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