GL English Transfer Test No 1 - PDF Download


Using structured practice tests will give your child the opportunity to become more confident with the layout of this exam and the sorts of questions they may encounter.

This GL Transfer Test English papers is in multiple choice format just like the actual test. This is the first of three papers with each test containing 60 questions. There are also 10 familiarisation questions before each test.


This Transfer Test paper provides a suitable means for parents to offer additional preparation to supplement the work being carried out in school. (Preparation for the Transfer Test given within schools varies greatly.)


GL English Transfer Test No 1

In multiple choice format and with a clearly set out pupil answer sheet test number 1 contains 60 test questions and 10 additional familiarisation questions. This is the same format as the actual test and offers practice for the GL English Transfer Test – sometimes known as the Post Primary Transfer Consortium Test (PPTC). 


Practice test number 1 makes use of a number of different English questions and texts designed that are designed to improve your child's self-confidence when answering English based questions. The familiarisation questions are set out as in the actual GL Transfer Test (English) and contain a short passage with 3 comprehension questions, 4 spelling questions and ending with 3 grammar-based questions.


The complete test has 60 questions opening with a longer passage and has related comprehension questions. This set of questions are planned to encourage your child to read the text prudently in order to find the answer. The script may also present your child to new and diverse words. The following unit of 10 questions is built around spelling and is set out in a similar manner to the sample test offered to parents by GL - who set the actual test.


The third section comprises 7 questions and will support and develop your child's English grammar. 10 further comprehension questions follow asking questions around a topic that will be of interest to most 10 or 11 year olds.


The final section is additional comprehension with a historical theme. The concluding sections are on spelling. punctuation and general English questions written in the same format as the GL English Transfer Test samples..


The test is in Multiple Choice Format and contains a clear and well set out pupil answer sheet and of course the answers (for the parents) are included.


All of these English topics should and will have been part of the education and learning at your child’s school. Supplementary support and revision will always be of profit in preparing your child for this transfer test.


Additional preparation for English and mathematics

Self-assurance in all aspects of English and mathematics are central in preparing for this important exam. Progressing through our English and mathematics books will improve a child's ability in both subjects.


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GL English Transfer Test 1

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  • At a glance

    • GL English Transfer Test No 1. (PDF Download for immediate use)
    • 60 questions in multiple-choice format with 10 familiarisation questions before each test.
    • Progress your child’s skills with immediate access to suitable revision material.
    • Inspire your child to practice a variety of GL English Transfer Test questions.
    • Evaluate the results alongside your child highlighting areas of success and areas requiring a little more work.
    • Help your child to learn and revise information central to the Transfer Test.