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PDF download GL transfer Test maths No 3

GL Maths Transfer Test 3


GL Maths Transfer Test No 3 - PDF Download


GL Transfer Test questions are based on the Key Stage Two Programmes of Study (the curriculum) this curriculum is used by all primary schools to prepare notes and schemes of work for the mathematics that is taught and learned in all primary schools. GL questions will be set at a high level and the quality of answers required will be high. The teaching and learning completed in school will give your child a substantial grounding in maths but extra work at home will always be of benefit to raise your child’s skill levels.


This practice paper offers just such additional work for doing in the security of your child’s own home.


Written in multiple choice format this GL Transfer Test Maths paper reflects the design of the actual test. The third of three test papers with each test containing 45 questions. There are also 3 familiarisation questions.


As a PDF download it offers parents the opportunity to access additional practice material quickly. Written with the GL maths test in mind this test provides practice and revision in a variety of stimulating mathematical questions.


This paper is jam-packed with mathematical concepts and for ease in describing the content of this Transfer Test practice paper we have listed the areas covered :-


The GL Transfer Test is in Multiple Choice Format and this paper reflects that layout and so a well-structured pupil answer sheet and the answers (for the parents) are included.


Test number 3  includes maths practice in:-



  • Number Lines
  • Numbers as Words
  • Temperature
  • Probability
  • Number Series
  • Equivalent numbers
  • Scale
  • Knowledge of 2-D Shape
  • Pie Charts Compared to Graph
  • Co-ordinates
  • Symmetry
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Time (Years and Months)
  • Data Handling
  • Length
  • Percentages related to fractions
  • Profit
  • Weight
  • More Complex Equations
  • Problem Solving
  • Interpreting Data (Graph)
  • Rotation
  • Number Grid
  • Square Numbers
  • Ratio


English and mathematics – additional support work.

Steady use of our English and mathematics books will expand your child's ability in both subjects. These two books can act as a teaching resource or as revision and reinforcement texts.


NB This product is sold as a PDF file for download. A secure link allowing you to download and print the test will be sent after your order is confirmed.

    • 3 familiarisation questions before the complete test of 45 questions in multiple-choice format.
    • GL Maths Transfer Test Practice Paper.  Test No 3 of 3. (PDF file to download now.)
    • Improve maths skills with this GL Maths Practice Paper.
    • Reassure your child as they move towards the transfer test using a variety of GL Maths Transfer Test questions.
    • Review your child’s progress in mathematics.
    • Provide your child with appropriate practice for the Transfer Test.
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