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Transfer Test English – Ideal for AQE & GL Tests (PDF Download) image

Transfer Test English Book – Ideal for SEAG Transfer Tests (PDF Download)


English Revision & Practice for The SEAG Transfer Tests. PDF download for immediate use.

  • Ideal revision and preparation for SEAG Transfer Test.
  • 500 English questions spread over 10 unique English tests.
  • Improve your child’s English using the comprehensive glossary which is included.
  • Review your child’s English in preparation for The Transfer Test.
  • Raise standards in your child's English grammar and comprehension.
  • Answer English questions on a variety of different written passages.
  • Ideal work for year 6 or 7 pupils.

ISBN-13: 978-1-873385-14-2

ISBN-10: 1873385145


  • The SEAG Transfer Tests have questions that are set using the content of the Key Stage 2 Curriculum in English as the source of content. Both of these Transfer Tests are challenging and require your child to have a sound grasp of all aspects of English. This PDF download of ten English tests, provides comprehensive English revision work and question preparation for both versions of the Transfer Test.

    While your child’s school will teach the content of the Key Stage 2 Curriculum additional revision and preparation are almost essential to support your child in preparing for this important exam.


    Content of this PDF download file.

    This PDF download file contains 500 questions spread over 10 tests of 50 questions each. The questions are firmly based on the requirements of the Curriculum at Key Stage 2 and they cover all aspects of English such as punctuation, prefixes and spelling and of course comprehension.

    This is a very wide-ranging publication making use of many different types of passage including the following types of written texts:- adverts, poems and stories. These will be the sorts of writings that your son or daughter will experience in the Transfer Test. This book is jam-packed with revision materials and will give your child an introduction to the demands of written tests - tests which they can practice in the security and comfort of their own home. There is no time limit set as this then gives parents the opportunity to encourage their child to work through the tests at their own pace. You can increase the speed as your child increases in confidence.


    Comprehension and grammar

    These types of question area central to the Transfer Test and practice of a traditional reading comprehension based on a variety of texts such as poems, fiction or non-fiction are included in this book. There are other English grammar questions such as understanding the meaning of words used in the text, grammar-based questions on pro-nouns, verbs, prepositions, plurals, adverbs and adjectives to name but a few.

    Other grammar questions will involve the use of punctuation and the use of capital letters, exclamation and question marks, apostrophe or quotation marks. Your child must have full mastery of punctuation, verbs and their tenses, suffixes, prefixes, nouns and pronouns, adverbs and the use of the apostrophe are all essential skills which are revised in this English practice book.

    Accurate spelling is essential and your child will be asked to spot spelling errors in a sentence or to place words in alphabetical order so as to raise your child’s skill levels.

    There are detachable answers and a detailed glossary explaining and defining the various aspects of English grammar.


    What is required in the Transfer Test?

    The SEAG Transfer Tests contain English questions covering a wide variety of English topics and your child will be required to work quickly and accurately through the Transfer Tests Papers. It is very likely that the test will contain comprehension questions set around either a short English passage or possibly a much longer passage. English practice, revision and proper preparation are important to give your child confidence in their own ability.

    The comprehension passage could be factual or fiction based. Your child may be asked comprehension questions about a poem or indeed any form of text. The questions that follow the text could be specifically related to the text or may challenge any aspect of English such as the use of commas, capital letters, direct speech or nouns to name but a few.



    Not just for the Transfer Tests but for any school exam your child will need a good vocabulary. Any school exam will demand that your child has a good vocabulary and this can be expanded by having your child read widely from a range of text types – both factual and fictional texts.

    This PDF download of our English book will offer revision and practice in the above topics.


    Parental involvement

    Transfer Test preparation can be challenging for both parent and child and we encourage parents to explain answers to their child, working alongside their child offering support and encouragement. Preparing for the Transfer Tests is no different to preparing for any other exam and parental support is central to your child's success in their schoolwork.

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