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Download Mathematics practice for the AQE Transfer Test and the GL Mathematics Transfer Test

Transfer Test Mathematics Book – Ideal SEAG Transfer Tests (Download)


Mathematics Revision for the SEAG Transfer Tests. PDF download for immediate use.


  • Develop your child’s mathematical skills.
  • Practice, prepare and revise the AQE Transfer Test or the GL Transfer Tests.
  • Additional support work in algebra, measures, shape and space, data handling and number.
  • 10 tests with 50 questions in each covering the about topics. Detachable answers included.
  • Help you son or daughter study at home without pressure.
  • Textbook work for year 6 or 7 pupils.


ISBN-13: 978-1-873385-13-5

ISBN-10: 1-873385-13-7

  • AQE Transfer Test & GL Maths Transfer Test

    Both of these tests necessitate that your child has a comprehensive understanding of the maths that they have will have been taught in school and they will need to study this work both in school and at home. Both versions of these exams challenge your child's knowledge of all aspects of Mathematics and structured, repetitive practice will aid your child in preparing for this important exam.

    Obviously, Maths tests examine how well your child can work with numbers but they must work quickly and accurately.  In order to be able to do this your child must know their table facts very well so that there is quick recall of number facts and number bonds. Can your child apply all four number operations quickly and understand the relationship between these four mathematical operations? Reviewing previous work and revising these number facts will all help to raise your child’s skill levels.


    Problem solving
    Both the AQE Transfer Test and the GL Transfer Test will contain maths questions that involve problem solving. Many children find this question type most difficult. Your child will have to read the word-based question, isolating out what is being asked and then applying their mathematical knowledge to solve the question correctly and at speed.

    These problems may involve multiplication and division, addition and subtraction, fractions, decimals, perimeter, area or any combination of these and all the other maths concepts that your child will have been taught in school. These topics need to be revised and reinforced at home and this PDF download provides just such practice.


    Content of this Maths book (PDF Download) title

    These maths download contains 500 unique questions spread over 10 tests of 50 questions each. Based on the requirements of the Northern Ireland Curriculum at Key Stage 2 the preparation tests cover the following aspects of Maths: - algebra, measures, shape and space, data handling and number work. This is an inclusive publication making use of a wide variety of question types and working through this publication in a systemic manner will help prepare your child for the demands of their Transfer Tests and any other school exam.

    Among other areas of maths, you will find revision of these topics contained in this book: -

    Money, Equations, Decimals, Number Series, Mathematical Reasoning, Ratios, Weight, Area, Time, Pie Charts, Fractions, Volume, Reading Tables, Division, Percentages, Number Lines, 2-D Shape, Problem Solving, Number Grids, Temperature, Symmetry, Graphs, Co-ordinates, 24 Hour Clock and Probability.


    This maths practice book gives children an opportunity to experience the strains and pressure of Transfer Test maths in the security and comfort of their own home and so can help to reduce any anxiety they may have.

    We haven’t set a time limit for each test as this allows parents to work with their child at a comfortable pace allowing skill levels and self-confidence to increase. Exposure to the increased level of mathematical language will be very beneficial for future tests.


    Detachable answers and a mathematical glossary are included.


    Parental involvement

    Transfer Test preparation is stressful for your child and for you as the parent. We encourage you to explain any answers that need explaining and to inspire their child in all aspects of their schoolwork not just when preparing for the Transfer Tests.

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