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Download GL English Transfer Test no 2 for immediate use

GL English Transfer Test 2


GL English Transfer Test No 2 - PDF Download


With planned practice papers and quality preparation time you will give your child the added skills needed to help your child succeed in the competitive Transfer Tests. Experience with the layout of this exam will help reduce anxiety and enhance learning.


Use test number 2 of 3 GL Transfer Test English to augment the work covered in test number 1. Set out in multiple-choice format it makes use of a wide assortment of English questions and scripts that will help prepare your child for the Transfer Tests. Experiencing how the layout of the Transfer Test may look and attempting the sort of questions they may encounter helps to build your child’s self-assurance - all in the security and comfort of their own surroundings.


This test commences with 10 familiarisation questions, based on a sporting theme. The full test contains 60 questions. The initial extended passage has an historical theme and associated comprehension questions. Written by an experienced primary school teacher, these questions should encourage your child to read the written text carefully and will be a useful teaching and learning aid. The text may also expose your child to new and different words – widening their vocabulary.

The next section, set out in a similar manner to the sample test provided by GL Assessments, contains 10 questions testing your child’s spelling. The third section contains questions intended to improve your child's use of English grammar. A child's diary extract is the source for 10 comprehension questions. A serious historical theme is followed by a related comprehension while the concluding sections follow the GL Transfer Test format and are based on spelling, punctuation and general English questions.

Again, this test is in Multiple Choice Format with a clearly printed multiple-choice pupil answer sheet and (for all the parents) the answers are included.


The GL Transfer Test English topics should and will have been part of the teaching and learning at your child’s school. More practice and preparation can only be of benefit.


Additional preparation for English and mathematics

As well as providing GL Transfer Test Papers we would recommend working through our English and mathematics books as these will improve your child's ability in both subjects.


NB Having confirmed your order you will be sent a secure link allowing you to download and print the test. This will be PDF download file.

    • GL English Transfer Test No 2. (PDF Download)
    • A multiple-choice format Transfer Test with 60 questions and 10 familiarisation questions before each test.
    • Immediate access to suitable revision material to enhance learning.
    • Provide your child with suitable preparation the GL English Transfer Test questions.
    • Highlight areas of success and areas needful of a little more work.
    • Practice and revise information key to the GL English Transfer Test.
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