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SEAG Multiple-Choice Test Maths Revision Test Number 3

SEAG Multiple-Choice Test Maths Revision Test Number 3


Multiple-Choice Maths Revision Test Number 3 suitable for the SEAG Single Entrance Transfer Test. PDF download for immediate use.


  • Motivate your child with maths revision that will enrich their appreciation of Transfer Test Maths Papers.
  • This is Maths Test 3 out of 3 tests. (sent to you as a PDF Download)
  • 55 unique questions that you can use to assess your child's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Complete in standard or multiple-choice format.
  • Ensure that your child reads, considers and then solves maths problems.
  • Continuous practice of key maths skills related to Maths in the Transfer Test.
  • Scrutinise your child’s development in diverse mathematics topics.
  • Help your child to consolidate their schoolwork.
  • The SEAG Transfer Test maths questions are closely linked to your child’s school maths curriculum. This curriculum is followed by all primary schools and the school will have taught and revised all of the maths concepts consider as possible questions for either version of the Transfer Test. Additional organised practice of these concepts will ensure that your child can use and apply all their mathematical information, skills and understanding quickly and efficiently. Constant revision and repetition of the basics, such as number facts and times tables is essential. When these basics are well-known then your child apply this knowledge to problem solving – the area of maths that many children find most difficult.


    By using this extra maths practice test, you will be providing your child with a breadth and depth of revision material that can only serve to enhance your child’s self-confidence and self-assurance when tackling maths problems. While there may be straight forward maths calculations in the maths section of the Transfer Test it is also very likely that there will be many maths questions involving problem solving. Your child may be concerned that he/she is poor at problem solving but when they prepare in the safety of their own home parental reassurance can work wonders. Answering questions for your child or explaining questions that they find difficult can improve your child’s confidence in their maths skills. In the longer term helping to reduce exam day stress is key.


    All 3 of these maths test papers can be completed in one of two ways. Firstly, you can use the standard way of getting your child to write the answer on the test paper or secondly some parents may wish to introduce their children to the skills required to complete a multiple-choice answer sheet. If this is the case their children can complete the test using our large format multiple choice answer sheets which are attached to your download.


    There are 55 unique questions in this test, maths questions that are not contained in any of our books so you can be sure that when your child uses this test you are providing them with new and unseen question practice. It covers aspects of mathematics that include algebra, problem solving, number facts, shape and space and problem solving. A wide variety of question types ensures that this test will provide good practice in mathematics problem solving.


    This Transfer Test maths practice paper, instantly sent as a PDF download, provides suitable added preparation for this demanding exam. We would recommend that you also use our Maths book to give your child some extended practice and preparation.

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