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English Revision for new SEAG Single Entrance 


The Entrance Assessment specification will assess candidates’ knowledge and understanding in English is based entirely upon the content and syllabus of the statutory Northern Ireland Curriculum for Language and Literacy at Key Stage 2.


English Questions set will be based entirely on the content and syllabus of the Reading and Writing curricular areas of the Northern Ireland Curriculum for Language and Literacy at Key Stage 2.

Your child will have been taught this content during their school day but they require opportunities to develop this knowledge in the safety of their own home.

During the SEAG test they may be asked to consider, interpret and discuss texts, exploring the ways in which language can be manipulated in order to affect the reader or engage attention.


They may be asked to use a variety of skills to spell words correctly and to develop increasing competence in the use of grammar and punctuation to create clarity of meaning.


Any written responses will be short and of no more than one or two sentences. Your child will not be assed on their handwriting as no marks will be awarded for handwriting. 

Relevant preparation at home will enhance and improve the work carried out in school. This title provides just that type of revision that your child will benefit from.

This book contains 10 practice test in English covering spelling, punctuation, verbs etc. There are also comprehension questions requiring your child to read both quickly and carefully. No time limit is set for the tests allowing parents to use the title as they see fit.

Order from the sample page or visit our SEAG shop or discounts on bundles.

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