What is the best Online practice site or App for the Transfer Test?

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Best Online practice site or App for the Transfer Test?

Many anxious parents ask this question as they seek something different to prepare their child for the Transfer Test. Children can become bored with pencil and paper practice and something a bit different can keep the enthusiasm going.

We all know how attached children can become to their iPad or tablet and how they just love to use them for research or games. If you can capture this interest as another way to prepare for the Transfer Test you are onto a winner.

There are a number of differences between pencil and paper practice and using an online site to practice. What pencil and paper practice provides is fairly apparent but subscribing to an online Transfer Test site is very different. A good site should run anywhere that the child can connect to the internet. The Online Transfer Test site should provide a suitable platform that gives your child easy and instant access to a wide variety of English and maths questions.

Connecting to the internet means that your child can practice and revise anywhere and at anytime. These sites are perfect for practicing on holiday and prevent you from the hassle of taking books or worksheets with you.

A superior product will instantaneously mark the practice test and give instant, relevant and professional feedback on your child’s answers. Quality feedback is vital to improving your child’s chances of passing their Transfer Test. A good site will also break down the preparation into smaller “bitesize” pieces covering the various aspects of both English and maths. The better sites will often email details of what ever practice the child has just taken to a chosen email address. (Usually the parent/guardian.)