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Admission & applications

numbers for last 3 years.

Parents are always interested in how many people apply for each grammar school and this information, for the last 3 years, can be found on this page.


The number of applications can fluctuate each year for a number of reasons including how many parents applied the previous year. Sometimes schools get a lot of applications one year and parents believe that with so many applications the previous year that it may not be worth applying and so the numbers can drop. 

Application and admission numbers should be seen in combination with the overall school entrance criteria. You should familiarise yourself with all details. 

Applications and Admissions to Year 8 


Year   2018/19 

 Admissions No.   140 

 Total Applications All Preferences   199

 Total Admissions    141


 Year   2019/20 

 Admissions No.   140 

 Total Applications All Preferences   210

 Total Admissions    141 


Year   2020/21 

 Admissions No.   140 

 Total Applications All Preferences   168

 Total Admissions    141 



This table does not include children who were admitted to the school with a statement of special educational needs. 

** This information is provided for guidance only and while the content is, to the best of our knowledge, accurate we cannot be held in any way responsible for any errors or omissions that it may contain. Please contact your LA or chosen grammar school for all admission and Transfer Test queries.**