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Transfer Test Papers

What is a good AQE test score?

What is a good AQE Transfer Test score?

When parents ask this question what they want to know is what AQE score will be good enough to get their child into their chosen grammar school - there is no simple answer to this question.

The AQE Transfer Test consists of 3 test papers which are a combination of both English and maths questions. Pupils do not have to take all three papers as only the best two scores are used. Part of the reason for three papers is so that a child who has missed one or both papers, due to circumstances such as illness, will still be able to sit a paper.

The highest and lowest AQE scores that a school use will usually vary from year to year. This will be due to a number of factors including how many pupils there are in the year seven group and live in the area, how many parents have applied to the school, how many parents applied the year before (this can be relevant because when a school is heavily oversubscribed one year there can be a tendency for parents to consider that this school can be difficult to get into and they may consider this in their application process), the scores that children achieve in the AQE test. Higher average scores amongst pupils in the AQE Transfer Test will mean that a higher score will be needed to get a place in a grammar school. View previous AQE scores for schools.

The AQE Transfer Test is rigidly marked and remarked and while parents can ask for their child's test to be remarked they must be aware that a remark can take a child's score down as well as up.


Standardised scores.

The scores are standardised which in very simple terms means that there is a statistical allowance made for a child's age. There can be almost a years difference in age between two children and obviously the elder child will have been exposed to more language and experiences which will benefit them in a test. Standardised scores are used in many types of exam to try and ensure a level playing field.

The average standardised score in the AQE test will be 100 across all the pupils that sat the AQE test but standardised scores can range from the 60's (or lower) to the 120's (or higher) and clearly the higher the score the more likely-hood of getting that grammar school place. Schools will use other criteria alongside the AQE Test score to select children for entry into year 8 and these criteria vary from school to school - you need to check this out by a visit to the school website.

Some schools are in such demand that they only accept the very best of test results and so scores well over 110 may be needed.


In conclusion the higher score that your child achieves, taken alongside the school's other criteria, will improve their chances of getting into their chosen grammar school but it remains very difficult to answer the question "What is a good AQE Transfer test Score?"

** This information is provided for guidance only and while the content is, to the best of our knowledge, accurate we cannot be held in any way responsible for any errors or omissions that it may contain. Please contact your examining board or chosen grammar school for all admission and registration details for the Transfer Test. **

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