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What are SEAG "Special Circumstances" and "Special Provisions?"

SEAG special circumstances and provisions

What are SEAG "Special Circumstances" and "Special Provisions?"

The information helps to clarify the terms "Special Circumstances" and "Special Provisions" in the context of Entrance Assessments conducted by the Schools' Entrance Assessment Group (SEAG). Here's a summary:

1. Entrance Assessment by SEAG:

   - SEAG provides the Entrance Assessment, which some schools use as a criteria for selecting pupils for admission.

   - The EA (Education Authority) is not directly involved in these tests, and it does not have information on the scores or grades obtained by students in these assessments.

2. Admissions Criteria and Entrance Assessments:

   - Information about Entrance Assessments is outlined in the admissions criteria published by individual schools.

   - Specific queries related to scores, grades, arrangements for special circumstances, and special provisions should be directed to the respective school(s) to which parents or guardians are applying.

3. Special Circumstances:

   - Most schools using the SEAG Transfer Test Assessments consider special circumstances, which are typically medical or other problems that may have affected a student's performance in the test(s).

   - These special circumstances need to be supported by independent documentary evidence of a medical or other appropriate nature.

4. Special Provisions:

   - Special provisions mainly apply to pupils transferring from schools outside Northern Ireland or those who have received more than half of their primary education outside NI.

   - It may also include cases where a child was unable to sit one or both entrance assessments.

5. Claims for Consideration:

   - Parents or guardians making a claim for consideration of special circumstances or special provisions are advised to carefully read the requirements specified in the admissions criteria of each school.

   - The application of these terms can vary from school to school, so understanding the specific criteria of each school is crucial.

   - If a claim is made, it is essential to follow the procedures outlined by the individual school, including providing any necessary documentation or evidence to support the claim.

In summary, both Special Circumstances and Special Provisions are factors that schools may take into account when assessing students based on the SEAG Transfer Tests. Parents or guardians are encouraged to thoroughly review the admissions criteria of the schools they are applying to and contact the schools directly for any specific inquiries or clarifications.

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