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How to claim SEAG Transfer Test Special Provision

SEAG Special provisions

This information and links are provided for guidance only. Ensure that you follow the process correctly by contacting SEAG and/or the relevant school(s). We can accept no responsibility for how you use this information.

What are Special Provisions? 

Special Provisions are accommodations or exceptions made for certain situations or conditions such as:-

1. Education Outside Northern Ireland:

   - If a candidate has received more than half of their education outside Northern Ireland.

   - This might be relevant based on the time from the start of Primary 1 (1st September 2017) to the 28th February 2024, i.e., more than 3 years and 3 months.

2. Transfer to a Post-Primary School:

   - If a candidate wishes to transfer to a post-primary school that uses the SEAG Entrance Assessment from a school outside Northern Ireland.

3. Medical or Other Problems:

   - If a candidate faces serious medical or other problems.

   - Support for these problems should be provided by appropriate documentary evidence.

   - If a candidate was unable to sit the SEAG Entrance Assessment due to these problems or has an estimated outcome because they only sat one of the two Entrance Assessment papers.

In summary, these Special Provisions allow candidates to request accommodations or exceptions in specific circumstances, such as education outside Northern Ireland, transferring to a school with a different assessment system, or facing serious medical or other problems. The key is providing appropriate documentary evidence to support the request.

Follow this link for detailed explanation about "Claiming Special Provisions."

Follow this link for the a sample of the relevant form which must be completed accurately and in time.  "Claiming Special Provisions Form".

Please note that decisions regarding the admission of any child to any individual school are made by the Board of Governors of that school. Parents and guardians are advised to carefully read the published 

Admissions Criteria of each school for which they intend to apply for a place for their child, particularly those sections which provide information on the school's procedures for application of Special Circumstances. Individual schools can apply different methods of assessment. 

You may also contact the schools directly for information about Special Circumstances.

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