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How to help your child prepare.

How to help your child prepare.

"How can I help my child prepare?" 

This a very common question that we are asked. The new test is based on the requirements of the NI Curriculum as taught in all Northern Ireland Primary Schools. The first thing that you can do is to support the work of your child’s teacher by ensuring that homework is always completed, encourage your child to read beyond the requirements set by school and for them to work hard in school - not always an easy task for a busy parent. 

GL, the company setting the tests, suggest that no extra prparation is needed for a child sitting the new Transfer Tests however extra practice and revision will be a great benefit for your child.

So where do you start with these new SEAG Transfer Tests?

The term "Transfer Test" has been in common use for many years now and refers to tests used to select children for grammar school places. Called the 11+ in England there used to be two versions of the transfer test in Northern Ireland called the AQE and the GL transfer test. Now all SEAG member schools will accept the results of the new test and therefore children no longer need sit both tests. 

You will need to register your child to sit the new tests so don't miss key dates!

When should I start preparing my child for the new SEAG Transfer Tests and what products should I use?

There is no fixed time scale but the sooner you start the better so that a lot of learning is not crammed into a few short months or even weeks. Everything taught in school will contribute to your child's success in the Transfer Tests. are the probably the number one supplier of practice books in Northern Ireland having helped thousands of children prepare for their Transfer Test. 

Structured transfer test preparation typically begins in P6 and into early P7 as the tests are usually taken early in the P7 year but the school work carried out in previous school years is also a contributing factor.

Our website offers a very comprehensive selection of practice books, ranging from individual titles to our comprehensive bundle of titles offering you good discounts. Our partner site at provides online practice.

The new SEAG tests challenge your child's English & Maths and you can purchase English & Maths revision books to use at home. Good standards in both subjects are essential for success.

Complimenting the work of your child's school will be of great benefit to your child.

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