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SEAG Single Entrance Transfer Test


The Single Entrance Assessment consists of two papers and your child will have to sit both tests. Both papers will assess English and Mathematics and both papers have an identical format consisting of the following 3 Sections: -


Section 1 – The Practice questions which consist of 5 English questions and 5 Maths questions. (These practice questions are not assessed but are to help your child feel more comfortable before starting to the main test.)

Section 2 – The English Main Test has 28 questions as follows

Punctuation Exercise (5 multiple choice questions)

Grammar Exercise (5 multiple choice questions)

Spelling Exercise (5 multiple choice questions)

An English Comprehension when your child will read a passage and answer 13 questions of which 7 questions are multiple choice and the last 6 questions are free-response.

Section 3 – The Maths Main Test has 28 questions 22 of these questions are multiple choice and the last 6 are free-response.

The questions in both sections will be quite challenging but relevant practice, as provided by this product, will help raise your child’s standards.


The 4 practice tests in this 100 page book are formatted in the same way as the SEAG sample test. The tests are clearly set out with a new page given to each relevant section such as the grammar and spelling sections. Using this book will help to improve standards for your child.

Order from the sample page or visit our SEAG shop for discounts on bundles.

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