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SEAG Transfer Test

Multiple-choice maths sample

This multiple-choice Maths book is from our extensive backlist and is available as part of our 5 & 6-book bundles.


This book provides ideal practice in answering SEAG type maths questions in multiple-choice format. The questions are unique and not contained in our new SEAG practice tests.

Using structured practice tests will give your child the opportunity to become more confident with the layout of this important exam and the variety of multiple-choice maths questions they may encounter.

There are three papers with each test containing 3 tests of 45 questions. There are also 10 familiarisation questions before each test. These papers provide a suitable means for parents to offer additional preparation to supplement the work being carried out in school. (Preparation for the Transfer Test given within schools varies greatly.)

Order from the sample page or visit our SEAG shop for discounts on bundles.

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