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AQE Transfer Test 3 PDF download

Free Response Composite Transfer Test 3


CompositeTransfer Test No 3 - PDF Download for immediate use.


  • English and maths questions in free-response format to practice SEAG content.
  • 58 questions and answers.
  • Standard Format.
  • Allow your child to revise and practice a range of free-response question types in English and maths.
  • Preparation and practice in the safety and security of familiar surroundings.
  • From our AQE back list but suitable practice for SEAG test content.


  • This is composite Transfer Test 3 and is available for immediate use as a PDF download. The third of 3 composite tests of 58 questions with each test based on the Transfer Test requirements. This test will provide additional support work at short notice.


    With demand for grammar school places very high practice, preparation and revision are needed to supplement the work that is carried on in your child’s school. This test provides such supplementary work.


    In this test we make use of English questions that are based on non-fiction texts (also known as factual texts) or written passages and poems. This practice test will require your child to be able to differentiate fact from fiction. They must understand that sometimes fiction is written in such way as to make the reader believe that it is actually a fact or the truth.


    In order to complete this test and benefit from the practice your child needs to understand similes, pronouns and verbs. Does your child realise that some words can have the same meaning as 2 or 3 or even other words? Your child should have been taught and practiced apostrophes and contractions in school and will also have had teaching about nouns, adjectives and many other aspects of English. Revision and reinforcement of this English will be provided using the content of this composite Practice Test number 3.


    There are a lot of mathematical concepts tested in the SEAG Transfer Test and requirements are of a high standard. Additional practice in these concepts will always be of benefit to your child.


    The Maths questions in test number 3 requires knowledge of shapes and their area. There are questions requiring your child to calculate problems with money. Other questions require calculation of the unknown quantity "X" – this is simple algebra. Understanding rotation and how many degrees are in shapes, place value, calculating average and rounding of numbers are the types of questions in the Transfer Test and these are all revised in test number 3. There are other sections that need your child to read and interpret data, calculate more complex equations. Mathematical nets, cost reduction involving percentages and ratios are all included in this third test.


    Require Additional Preparation?

    We provide English and mathematics books that will improve your child's ability in both these SEAG Transfer Test subjects. Ability in all aspects of English and mathematics are vital in preparing your child for this important exam.


    NB This product is a PDF download. Once your order is confirmed you will be sent a secure link allowing you to download and print the test.

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