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AQE Transfer Test 2 PDF download

Free Response Composite Transfer Test 2


Composite Transfer Test No 2 - PDF Download for immediate use.


  • Suitable practice material using English and maths questions.
  • 1 complete test that provides practice for the SEAG Transfer Test.
  • Standard Format. (Answers included).
  • Children can practice a variety of free-response question types.
  • Raise your child’s confidence with suitable preparation and practice.


  • From our AQE back list but suitable practice for SEAG test content.

    The SEAG Transfer Test is very demanding and parents often need additional practice at the last minute. Due to many requests our practice tests are available for you to purchase and download as a PDF file for immediate use. This provides you with extra support work for your child at short notice. 

    This is Test 2 of 3 composite tests with 58 questions in each test. This revision and practice test is based on the requirements of the Northern Ireland Curriculum and so is suitable practice for the SEAG Transfer Test.


    This test makes use of a wide variety of mathematical and English questions. The test is in a free-response format similar format to some SEAG questions.


    The English questions use a variety of different texts that your child will probably have studied in school and we have included texts that include poems, fiction and advertising. Different types of written text that will each require a different approach to find the correct answer. While these types of text will have been covered during your child’s school work or homework revision at home is always time well spent. This additional practice should improve your child’s understanding of many aspects of English including their spelling.


    The mathematical demands of the SEAG Transfer Test are quite high and additional practice is always of benefit to your child. Test number 2 contains questions that cover a wide spectrum of mathematical concepts. There is a lot to be revised and taught and we have included questions on number which includes algebra, probability, problems involving money, the 24-hour clock and decimal fractions. Data handling with questions requiring your child to read scales, temperature or complete a Venn diagram. Shape and space covers angles, properties of shapes and working with scale drawings. All questions types that may appear in the SEAG Transfer Test or indeed any school exam.


    Additional preparation

    Working through our English and mathematics books will improve your child's ability in both subjects. Confidence in all aspects of English and mathematics are crucial to aid your child in preparing for this important exam.


    NB This product is a PDF download. Once your order is confirmed you will be sent a secure link allowing you to download and print the test.

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