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Transfer Test Maths Revision Test Number 1 (ideal for AQE & GL) PDF download

Transfer Test Maths Revision Test Number 1 (ideal for AQE & GL)


Additional Maths Revision Test Number 1 suitable for the AQE Transfer Test and GL Maths Transfer Test. PDF download for immediate use.


  • Enrich your child’s learning and understanding of Transfer Test Maths.
  • Additional Maths Test 1 of 3 tests. (PDF Download for immediate use)
  • 55 questions to complete in standard or multiple-choice format.
  • Advance your child’s maths skills with the unique questions in this Maths Practice Paper.
  • Extend your child’s knowledge of likely Maths Transfer Test questions.
  • Analysis your child’s progress in different units of mathematics.
  • Work with your child to learn and consolidate information central to the Transfer Test.


  • Prior to the Transfer Test your child’s school will have taught and revised all of the maths concepts that are likely to be examined by either version of the Transfer Test. Their schoolwork should have included quality teaching, testing and homework practice. Additional structured practice of the basics, such as number facts, their times tables, relationships between decimals and fractions to name but a few, all require constant rehearsal and repetition. Once these basic facts are well established then your child must be able to apply this knowledge quickly and accurately to more demanding problem solving.


    By using this supplementary maths practice test you will provide your child with a chance to prepare in the safety of their own home answering questions from many units of maths that are likely to appear in the Transfer Test. At the same time, you are helping to improve your child’s confidence in their maths skills - skills that are necessary for success. The more knowledge that is developed of the sorts of questions that they may encounter will help to reduce exam day stress.


    This maths test paper can be completed in the standard way, by writing the answer on the test paper or some parents may wish their children to complete the test using our large format multiple choice answer sheets which are attached to your download. (The large format can be used to introduce children to the skills required to complete a multiple-choice answer sheet.)


    This test contains 55 unique questions not contained in our books. It covers aspects of mathematics that may be tested in a grammar school selection test (the Transfer Test). Algebra, problem solving, number facts, shape and space are just some of the topics that are tested in this additional mathematics paper. A wide variety of different question types are used and this test will provide good practice in mathematics problem solving.


    This additional maths practice paper, immediately accessible as a PDF download, provides a fitting means for parents to offer added preparation for this demanding exam. You can also use our Maths book when you want to give your child some extended practice and preparation.

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