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Transfer Test English Revision Test Number 3 (ideal for AQE & GL) pdf download

Transfer Test English Revision Test Number 3 (ideal for AQE & GL)


Additional English Revision Test Number 3 suitable for The AQE Transfer Test and GL English Transfer Test. PDF download for immediate use.


  • Additional English Revision Test Number 3.
  • Increase your child’s assurance in English with continuous practice.
  • Confirm that they understand and improve their English comprehension and grammar skills.
  • 55 select questions in this test. Answers included.
  • Advise and help your son or daughter as they prepare for their Transfer Test.
  • Appropriate preparation for English in the Transfer Tests.


  • Both the AQE Transfer Test Papers and the GL English Transfer Test base their questions on the Northern Ireland Curriculum at Key Stage 2, that is Years 5 - 7 in primary school. Practicing grammar, spelling and comprehension is the best way to improve your child's knowledge of English and this additional English test offer just such preparation.


    With repetition and rehearsal of all types of grammar, punctuation and comprehension your child can improve their rudimentary English before moving on to more demanding questions. Regular work on spelling, understanding verb tenses, pronouns and other areas of English grammar will reassure your child that they will have covered most areas of knowledge that will be tested in the Transfer Test Papers.


    This is test 3 of 3 additional revision papers and is available as a PDF Download giving you immediate access to this 55-question revision paper. You will not find these 55 questions in any of our other products and so you can be assured that this test paper will provide novel and diverse revision work. If you would like or need additional English practice papers in a hurry then you can purchase and download this test paper for immediate practice. This test will help to improve your child’s composure when faced with English comprehension or grammar questions.


    All the aspects of English required for both versions of the Transfer Test should have been covered and taught in your child’s school. However, when you want to reinforce this schoolwork a quick practice test provides ideal support to enhance your child’s ability to tackle such a wide variety of English questions.


    Parental involvement


    To obtain the most from any Transfer Test preparation it is important that parents put in the effort as well as their son or daughter. To this end we recommend that the parent provides their child with lots of encouragement and support even when maybe things are not too well.

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