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Transfer Test English Revision Test Number 2 (ideal for AQE & GL) PDF download

Transfer Test English Revision Test Number 2 (ideal for AQE & GL)


Additional English Revision Test Number 2 suitable for The AQE Transfer Test and GL English Transfer Test. PDF download for immediate use.


  • Additional English Revision Test Number 2.
  • Increase your child’s confidence in English as they prepare for either the AQE Transfer Test or the GL Transfer Test (English).
  • Ensure that they build and improve their English comprehension skills.
  • 55 exclusive questions in this test. Answers included.
  • Reassure you son or daughter and encourage them to study and practice.
  • Suitable preparation in the run up to the Transfer Tests.


  • Confirming that your child can read and understand the content of a written passage is essential for success in the Transfer Test. Practice and planned revision is required to give your child the best possible chance of success. Many different English question types are possible, not only in the Transfer Test, but in any school exam so it is wise to allow your child to attempt a wide variety of question types. Your child can become anxious about the possibility of seeing something completely new in their Transfer Test Paper.


    Exposure to a wide variety of different English questions can help to reassure your child and reduce this fear of the unknown.


    This is test 2 of 3 additional revision papers and is provided as a PDF Download that allows immediate access to a 55-question revision paper. These 55 questions are unique to this test so you can be assured that this test paper will provide new and different revision work. When you want further English revision material quickly this test will be suitable. Prepared in standard format this test paper will help to raise your child’s confidence in English comprehension and grammar.


    Frequent practice of basic English skills progressing to more advanced skills and knowledge are required by your child as they head towards their Transfer Test. Revision of learning can be difficult for parent and child but this additional preparation will help to raise standards and reinforce many English concepts. Much of this English content will have been taught in school, however this short, sharp practice test provides something a little extra at very short notice. This Transfer Test Paper is designed around the content of the school curriculum for English. This is the curriculum that all schools follow and this content is used as the basis for both the AQE Transfer Test and the GL Transfer Test in English.


    Parental involvement


    We recommend that parents work alongside their child encouraging them to work hard and make progress. This applies not just as they are preparing for their Transfer Test but to all aspects of their child’s school life.

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