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Transfer Test English Revision Test Number 1 (ideal for AQE & GL) image

Transfer Test English Revision Test Number 1 (ideal for SEAG test)


Additional English Revision Test Number 1 suitable for the SEAG Transfer Tests. PDF downlaod for immedaite use.



  • SEAG Transfer Test English Revision Test Number 1.
  • Practice, prepare and revise the English content for the SEAG Transfer Test.
  • Build and develop English skills in grammar, comprehension, plurals, punctuation and spelling.
  • 55 unique questions in this test covering the above topics. Answers included.
  • Encourage you son or daughter to study and practice.
  • Suitable preparation work for year 6 or 7 pupils.


  • Continual practice right up to the Transfer Test day will give your child the added revision they will require to do well in this demanding test. There are so many possible question types that your child might meet. Attempting a wide variety of question types will be of great benefit in reducing anxiety about the unknown. Both the GL Transfer Test and the AQE Transfer Test necessitate that your child has a comprehensive understanding of all areas of the English language.


    This PDF Download provides instant access to a 55-question revision paper. When you need some additional English revision material at short notice this is just the job. None of these questions are contained in any of our other titles so you can be sure that what you are teaching your child will be new and different. This test is in standard format. While the GL Transfer Test English is in multiple -choice format never the less this test will give additional supplementary help and revision.


    Repeated practice and revision of learning will raise standards and reinforce the English concepts that your child will have been taught in school. This short, sharp practice test will provide revision material covering content contained in the school curriculum for English that all schools follow and is used as the basis for both the AQE Transfer Test and the GL Transfer Test in English. This test should be used together with our other English based products. These 55 questions offer additional revision content when time is at a premium.


    Parental involvement


    We recommend that you work alongside your child as they are preparing for their Transfer Test -helping and encouraging them to work hard and make progress.

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