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AQE Transfer Test Advice For Parents

Please feel free to browse these pages as they will help you to help your child.

Parent shows her child how to prepare fo
Details about the AQE
Transfer Test

The AQE Transfer Test is used for selecting pupils for entry into grammar schools. Information about this important exam...

Preparing for the 11+ exam

Preparing for the 11-plus exam is demanding on both the parent and the child...

Good Grades
How to do 11+ Verbal Reasoning

Teach your child how to improve their 11+ Verbal Reasoning skills...

Chand doing 11+ paper
What is the difference between AQE & GL Transfer Test

There are a number of differences between the AQE and GL Transfer Test....

11+ spelling list (1).jpg
11+ spellings list

The 11+ requires your child to have a wide vocabulary and be able to spell quickly and correctly so that they can work quickly through ...

Non Verbal button.jpg
Top Tips for 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning

11-plus non-verbal reasoning is relatively new to the 11-plus exam scene...

11+ Preparation

Throughout the country there are many different forms of grammar school selection tests and...

11+ Exam Day - Our Top Tips to stay calm

Sitting any exam is very stressful, both for the child and the parent..

The difference between the GL and the CEM 11plus

The question content is similar between both companies but how the questions are presented can...

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