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Ballymena Academy

Ballymena Academy

Ballymena Academy a brief overview.

Ballymena Academy is a long-established school which was founded in 1828.The school is a mixed gender grammar school situated in the town of Ballymena. Founded in the early nineteenth century it was originally a small school for children in the town and surrounding agricultural hinterland. Since its early days the school has grown and now has approximately 1300 pupils and 128 members of teaching staff. With modern facilities for both academics and sport the school is well respected within the town of Ballymena. While able to accept 176 pupils into year 8 the demand for these places is always high.


Ballymena Academy uses the new SEAG Single Entrance Transfer Test results as part of its intake criteria into year 8.

Contact Details

89 Galgorm Road


Co. Antrim

BT42 1AJ

Telephone/School Office

028 2565 2782

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