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Grosvenor Grammar School

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As the population of Belfast grew after the second World War the Belfast Corporation understood the increase in demand for grammar-school education in the Belfast area and Grosvenor Grammar School was founded in 1945. It was known then as Grosvenor High School. Initially situated in Roden Street off the Grosvenor Road in Belfast it remained there until 1958 when the school moved to east Belfast at Cameronian Drive. In 2010 it moved to Marina Park in East Belfast. In 1993 the school changed its name from Grosvenor High School to Grosvenor Grammar School.  The school has a reputation for very high standards of achievement and attracts pupils from greater Belfast and form north and mid Down. Demand for places is always high.

Grosvenor Grammar School uses AQE Transfer Test results as part of its criteria for intake into year 8.

Grosvenor Grammar School Intake Information for 2018

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