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NI Grammar School Admission criteria for
September 2022
These details have been updated.

Admission criteria for grammar schools in Northern Ireland for entrance in September 2022 have changed.

In the autumn term of 2021-2022 school year the Transfer Test - either the AQE or GL (PPTC) version has was used as part of the admissions policy for entry into year 8 by many schools. However some schools decided not to use either the AQE or GL (PPTC) Transfer Test and so those schools have developed new admission criteria for entry into Year 8 in September 2022.

These Grammar School admission criteria can vary greatly from school to school and you should make yourself aware of all the criteria details as they will determine which children will be admitted to this school in September 2022.
Make sure that you provide the school with all the information that they require as the school will use the information that you provide when making their decision about which children are admitted in September 2022.

St Michaels College Enniskillen





BT74 6DE  

Telephone:  028 6632 2935                        

Fax:  028 6632 5128        


Principal:  Mr Mark Henry BSc, PGCE, PQH(NI)  

Chairperson of the Board of Governors:  Mrs Una Porteous    


Boys Voluntary Grammar School

Age Range: 11 – 18 

Admissions Number:      100 

Enrolment Number:      770 

Roll:      695


 Open Night (Virtual)

Thursday 27th January 2022

Principal’s Welcome - 7.00 pm sharp



St Michael’s College is a Catholic Voluntary Grammar School.  The school wishes to admit pupils who are considered suitable for the type of educational provision offered by the school and whose Parents/Guardians are in agreement with the aims and ethos of the school. 


The Board of Governors has delegated the responsibility for applying their Admissions Criteria to the authorised Selection Committee consisting of the Principal, Vice-Principal and two members of the Board of Governors. 



The Board of Governors has determined that, in the event of the number of applicants being greater than the admissions number for the school, the following method shall be used to select pupils for admission.

The Board of Governors has determined that priority will be given to applicants normally resident in Northern Ireland at the time of their proposed admission to the school. In the event of the number of applications being greater than the number of places available, applicants will be selected in the following order.

1. Applicants whose brother or half-brother or step-brother or legally adopted brother or legally adopted half-brother is currently enrolled in the school, or having been selected for admission to the school in the coming year, will be admitted first. (Please name the brother(s)).

2. Applicants who are the eldest boy in the family, eligible to transfer to a mainstream Post-Primary school, or the only boy in the family will be admitted next. This is subject to satisfying verification requirements as set out below: [Twins or other multiples will be treated as joint eldest]

The verifying letter must be uploaded with the Transfer Application and state that the boy is the eldest and that the boy and family are known to the verifier. It must be written on headed notepaper and signed by one of the following who is not a member of the applicant’s family:

i. a medical practitioner

ii. a solicitor

iii. a clergyman or equivalent

iv. a primary school principal

3. Applicants who are entitled to Free School Meals will be admitted next. ‘Entitled to Free School Meals’ will mean applicants who are listed on the Education Authority register and who are entitled to Free School Meals at the date on which their parent or guardian has submitted their post-primary Transfer Application. Should family circumstances change after completion of the Transfer Form it is essential that parents/ guardians inform the Education Authority before 9 March 2022 no later than 4 p.m.

4. In the event of over subscription in any one criterion when applied in the order set out, the selection of available places will be carried out using a method of random selection. The following random selection process will be applied in the event of over subscription in any of the criteria listed based on the initial letter of the pupil’s surname as stated on his long birth certificate in the order set below.

M, Z, Q, Mc, N, P, H, C, L, O, G, A, J, F, B, I, W, K, S, X, E, Mac, V, D, Y, T, U, R.

The order was determined by a random selection and witnessed by an independent adjudicator. In the event of surnames beginning with the same initial letter, the subsequent letters of the surnames will be used in alphabetical order. In the event of two identical surnames, the alphabetical order of the initials of forenames will be used. In the event of the forenames beginning with the same initial letter, the subsequent letters of the forenames will be used in alphabetical order. If, after this process, any applicants still tie for a final place, the place(s) will be allocated by random computerised selection.

If any place(s) become available after the 1st of September and there are more applicants than places available, then decisions will be made on the application of the Year 8 Admissions Criteria to those pupils seeking admission at the time the place(s) become available. We do not hold a waiting list.

When considering which children should be selected for admission, the Board of Governors will only take into account information which is detailed on the Transfer Application. Parents should ensure that all information pertaining to their child and relevant to the school’s admissions criteria is uploaded with the Transfer Application. A copy of the birth certificate must be uploaded with your son’s application in order to verify legal name and DOB.


Applicants should note that where an address and/or child age information contained within an application qualifies it for admission, then that information will be verified. The Board of Governors reserves the right to require such supplementary evidence as it may determine to support or verify information on any Transfer Application. Examples below:

• the child’s Birth Certificate;

• a letter awarding Child Benefit to the child or another letter relating to this benefit;

• the child’s Medical Card.

And any two of the following four documents:

• a bank or building society statement which shows the address at which the child is resident;

• a utility bill which shows the address at which the child is resident (eg Electricity, Gas, Telephone, etc);

• a letter awarding Child Benefit to the child or another letter relating to this benefit;

• the child’s Medical Card.

Original documents will be required and not facsimiles or photocopies. Original documents will be returned at the end of the admissions process by the school to which the child has been admitted.

The provision of false or incorrect information or the failure to provide information within the deadlines set by the post-primary schools can result in the withdrawal of a place and the inability to offer a place on the part of any school nominated on the applicant’s Transfer Application.


Year   2019/20 

Admissions No.   100 

Total Applications All Preferences   98

Total Admissions     *102

Year   2020/21

Admissions No.   100

Total Applications All Preferences   107

Total Admissions    *107

Year   2021/22

Admissions No.   100

Total Applications All Preferences   111

Total Admissions    *104

*Statemented pupils admitted


Please contact the school office to obtain information regarding admissions to Years 9 – 12.

** This information is provided for guidance only and while the content is, to the best of our knowledge, accurate we cannot be held in any way responsible for any errors or omissions that it may contain. Please contact your LA or chosen grammar school for all admission and Transfer Test queries.**

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