Admission criteria for

September 2021

In recent years the Transfer Test - either the AQE or GL (PPTC) version has been used as part of the admissions policy for entry into year 8. In 2020 the Transfer Test did not take place and so this school has developed new criteria for entry into Year 8 in September 2021.


These criteria can vary greatly from school to school and you should make yourself aware of all the criteria details as they will determine which children will be admitted to this school in September 2021.


Make sure that you provide the school with all the information that they require as the school will use the information that you provide when making their decision about which children are admitted in September 2021.

Bloomfield Collegiate School

Bloomfield Collegiate School 

Astoria Gardens 


BT5 6HW 

Telephone No: 028 9047 1214 

Fax No: 028 9065 1252 


Principal: Mr G Greer BEd MA PQHNI 

Chair of Board of Governors: Mr N McBride BSSc DipHRM MA Assoc CIPD 

Controlled Grammar School Girls’ Grammar Age Range: 11-18 

Admission No: 100  

Enrolment No: 710  



A Guide to the School will be available online in February. 


To Parents/Guardians naming Bloomfield Collegiate School (“the School”) as a preference on your child’s Transfer Application. 


Bloomfield Collegiate School is a grammar school for girls offering a wide-ranging curriculum of academic courses. The Board of Governors of the School is firmly committed to the use of academic selection for admission. The following Admissions Criteria are to be applied for entry to Year 8 for one year only in light of the unprecedented nature of public health concerns related to Covid-19 and the cancellation of the Common Assessment Examination (CEA) provided by the Association for Quality Education (AQE). 


Special Provisions 


In making a claim for a child to be considered under Special Provisions, applicants should upload Form SP20 and all accompanying evidence alongside the Transfer Application to allow the Admissions Sub-Committee to determine if Special Provisions apply. 


Claims for consideration of Special Provisions will be examined and decided upon before Admissions Criteria are applied. Form SP20 is available from the School. 


The Board of Governors draws up the admissions criteria and delegates to an Admissions Sub-Committee, which includes the Principal, the responsibility for applying these criteria. Any reference herein to the term the Board of Governors includes any Committee or Sub-Committee appointed by the Board of Governors for the purposes of applying the Admission criteria set out herein. 




“applicant” means the parent or guardian who completes and submits the Transfer Application on behalf of the candidate; 

“child of the family” will mean individuals who have both parents in common or children who reside with the same family at the candidate's normal home address (including foster children and step brothers and sisters living with the candidate at her normal home address); 

“candidate” means the child who is stated on the Transfer Application as seeking to gain admission to the School; 


“eldest” will mean the eldest or only girl in the family, with eldest sibling twins (or other multiples) regarded as joint eldest. The “eldest girl” criterion will also apply in the case where a family has not had the opportunity to enrol an elder daughter, such as in cases where the elder daughter has completed their post-primary education, could not attend mainstream school (e.g. attends a special school) or where a family has relocated to Northern Ireland.) 

“mother” will mean a person who at the date of application has legal responsibility for the candidate; 

“parent” will mean a person who at the date of application has legal responsibility for the candidate; 


1.1 The School will not use the position of preference given to it on the Transfer Application as a criterion for admission. Therefore, an applicant who has chosen Bloomfield Collegiate as a second or subsequent preference School will not be distinguished from first preference applicants. 

1.2 Girls resident in Northern Ireland at the time of proposed admission will be selected before those not so resident. 

1.3 The School’s Admission Number is currently 100. 


. In light of the unprecedented health concerns surrounding the pandemic in 2020/21, and the inability of AQE to furnish the school with a score to allow applicants to be rank ordered, the school will use the following Admissions sub-criteria which will be applied in the order in which they are set out. 

In the event that there are fewer applicants complying with a particular sub-criterion than there are places available or remaining, those applicants complying with that sub-criterion will be admitted and the next sub-criterion will be applied to the remaining applicants. 

In the event that there are more applicants complying with a particular sub-criterion than there are places available or remaining, those applicants complying with that sub-criterion will go forward to be  considered under the next sub-criterion and those not complying with that sub-criterion will be eliminated. 


(i) The Board of Governors will consider for admission into Year 8 initially only those candidates who provide appropriate documentary evidence that the candidate was entered for the Common Entrance Assessment (CEA) provided by AQE. 

Children who were not entered for the CEA, because they would have been entitled to apply for Special Provisions as set out below, will also be considered. 

(ii) Candidates with a child of the family enrolled in the School as of 1 September 2020 or accepted for enrolment in September 2021; 

(iii) Candidates who are the eldest girl in the family to be eligible for admission in September 2021 (details to be supplied)*; 

(iv) Candidates with a child of the family enrolled in Years 8-14 at Campbell College, RBAI or other all-boys post-primary school as of 1 September 2020 or accepted for enrolment in September 2021 (details to be supplied)*; 

(v) Candidates who are transferring from one of the following feeder primary schools (no priority will be given to any particular school): 

Abbey PS (Newtownards), Andrews Memorial PS, Braniel PS, Brooklands PS, Cairnshill PS, Carrowdore PS, Castle Gardens PS, Comber PS, Dundonald PS, Elmgrove PS, Euston Street PS, Gilnahirk PS, Harding Memorial PS, Holywood PS, Killinchy PS, Leadhill PS, Lisnasharragh PS, Londonderry PS, Loughview IPS, Moneyrea PS, Nettlefield PS, Newtownards Model PS, Orangefield PS, St. Joseph’s PS (Holland Drive), St. Patrick’s (Holywood), Strandtown PS, Stranmillis PS, Strathearn Preparatory Department, Victoria PS (Newtownards), Victoria Park PS. 

(vi) If, when all other sub-criteria have been applied, there are still more candidates for the remaining places than can be admitted, oldest candidates established by date entered on Birth Certificate will be selected for admission. A copy of the candidate’s birth certificate must be uploaded with the Transfer Application; 

(vii) Tie-breaker: In the unlikely event that the criteria above, applied in the order listed, have not resolved the final place in Bloomfield Collegiate School, this final place will be determined using selection based on a computer generated random number being assigned to each applicant who is tying for that place and the place shall be allocated to the applicant with the highest random number. 

*This is subject to satisfying verification requirements as set out below: 

Eldest girl: The verifying letter must confirm that the child is the eldest girl eligible for admission according to the definition provided and that the child and family are known to the verifier. 

Brother of applicant: The verifying letter must state that the male sibling of the applicant attends CCB, RBAI or other all-boys post-primary school and that the sibling and family are known to the verifier. 

Verification letter(s) must be written on headed notepaper and signed by one of the following who is not a family member of the applicant and who has known the applicant for at least two years: a primary school principal, elected public representative, GP, solicitor, member of the clergy or a police officer. 


Parents/Guardians must indicate on the Transfer Application which of the above sub-criteria apply and furnish relevant details. The Board of Governors will only take into account information which is detailed on, or uploaded/attached to, the Transfer Application. 



Special Provisions will only apply to children who have not entered for the CEA because they took up residence in Northern Ireland after 9 October 2020 or received more than half of their primary education outside Northern Ireland. If a candidate meets sub-criterion (i), then there is no necessity to make an application for Special Provisions this year. 


Parents/guardians who wish to apply to the School under Special Provisions should complete Form SP20, obtainable from the School, stating the precise reason why they believe the child is eligible for consideration under Special Provisions and upload it with appropriate evidence with the Transfer Application. Parents/Guardians who are applying for Special Provisions must do so by 16 March 2021. 

Using the information provided the Board of Governors will determine whether Special Provisions applies. If it does, those children who the Board of Governors considers to be eligible will be included under criterion (i) of the Admissions Criteria. 



The Board of Governors reserves the right to require such supplementary evidence as it may determine to support or verify information on any applicant’s Transfer Application. 

If the requested evidence is not provided to the Board of Governors by the deadline given, this will result in the withdrawal of an offer of a place. Similarly, if information is supplied which appears to be false or misleading in any material way, the offer of a place will be withdrawn. 



Please note that Bloomfield Collegiate School operates a Waiting List Policy a copy of which is available on the School’s Website. The section relevant to Year 8 entry is as follows: 

Waiting List for entry into Year 8 after completion of the Admissions Process 

1.1 Following completion of the Admissions Process, those pupils who applied to Bloomfield Collegiate School and were not successful in obtaining a place in Year 8 will have their names held on a Waiting List. The names of these pupils will remain on the Waiting List for Year 8 entry until 30 June 2022. 

1.2 Parents of a pupil who did not apply for a place in Bloomfield Collegiate School during the Admissions 

Process can apply to have their daughter’s name added to the Waiting List for entry into Year 8 by putting a request in writing to the Principal. 

1.3 Pupils whose names are on the Waiting List will be considered for any vacancies which may arise in Year 8 following completion of the Admissions Process and during the academic year up until 30 June 2022. Any vacancy will be filled from the Waiting List which exists at the time the vacancy occurs,  using the same transfer criteria which applied during the Admissions Process. 

1.4 The School will take into consideration any new information which may come to light after the Admissions Process is complete. 

Applications and Admissions 


Year 2018/19 

Admissions No    100

Total Applications    190

Total Admissions    102*


Year 2019/20 

Admissions No    106

Total Applications    194

Total Admissions    107** 


Year 2020/21 

Admissions No    103

Total Applications    187

Total Admissions    103

*Includes pupil(s) admitted through appeals procedure 

**Includes pupil(s) admitted through exceptional circumstances procedure 


Criteria for entry into Year 9 and onwards 

Available on request from the school. 

** This information is provided for guidance only and while the content is, to the best of our knowledge, accurate we cannot be held in any way responsible for any errors or omissions that it may contain. Please contact your LA or chosen grammar school for all admission and Transfer Test queries.**